Happiest Baby In-Home Class

Using the “5 Ss” to help your baby sleep

Swaddled Babies.jpg

Looking for ideas on how to soothe your baby? 

Dr. Harvey Karp’s Happiest Baby on the Block techniques are proven ways to help babies settle down, go to sleep, and stay asleep longer in safe and age-appropriate ways.  Any parent or caregiver can learn and practice these skills in order to become a more adept “baby whisperer.”

Your in-home class includes a free download from Happiest Baby on the Block with videos that you can access over and over

Your teacher, Melissa Gonzalez, LCCE, CD(DONA) is an experienced “baby wrangler,” longtime doula and Lamaze educator, and certified Happiest Baby on the Block Instructor. She’ll bring supplies of swaddles and baby dolls to practice on (and can also use your real live baby if one is available!) and leave you with a solid understanding of the skills anyone can learn to soothe a baby. 

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