Labor Support

Why have a birth doula?

Having a doula in your corner is a great way to lessen fears, feel more confident, and have a better birth experience!

The medical benefits of having a doula are significant (including shorter labors, fewer medical interventions, and great birth satisfaction) — so much so that ACOG, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists stated in 2018 that:

continuous one-to-one emotional support provided by support personnel, such as a doula, is associated with improved outcomes for women in labor

Other good reasons to have a doula at your birth include:

  • Having a trusted adviser who can help partners provide great support and navigate conversations with medical providers

  • Enjoying the benefits of continuity of care with a calm, experienced birth professional who can answer questions and provide reassurance

  • Being educated on your choices in labor both prenatally and on “game day”

Doulas are for every birthing person! My job is to understand your needs and wants, to educate you on choices in childbirth, to provide referrals to other trusted providers in our area, to help you navigate the uncertain terrain of labor and birth, and to support you whole-heartedly in your choices and help you have a satisfactory (or ecstatic!) birth experience.

Schedule a free acquaintance visit to meet with Melissa and see if you are a good match!

Our fee includes a 1.5 hour prenatal visit in your home to discuss your preferences and a birth plan and to learn comfort measures, an additional optional prenatal visit with your doctor or midwife, unlimited phone/email/text support for questions and concerns along the way, attendance and continuous support at your birth (meeting you at home or the hospital), and a postpartum visit at your home about two weeks after the birth.

Cost is all-inclusive and on a sliding scale to make this service available to more people. Your rate is $1100-$1400 and is determined by you.  Questions? Call or email us today!