Lamaze Childbirth Education - Group and Private Classes

No matter what your plans are for your birth, experts agree that a high-quality childbirth education class is a great idea! Understanding how labor works, learning about medical procedures, and practicing comfort measures are all proven ways to increase confidence and help eliminate fear of the unknown. 

Since many parents find it difficult to make time for a series of childbirth classes, Mesa Birth offers an in-home, private option, tailored to your needs and scheduled at your convenience. 

All classes include instruction from Melissa Gonzalez, LCCE, CD(DONA) — a Lamaze-certified childbirth educator and experienced labor and postpartum doula. There are videos and opportunities to practice different comfort techniques. And, there is a take-home guide for you to keep,  Understanding Birth, that includes further reading and access to on-line videos.

Cost for the private class is $400 and typically takes about four hours. The class is easily customized for your specific needs, so whether you are planning a scheduled Cesarean birth, hoping for natural childbirth, or just need a refresher, we can go further in-depth to the subjects you need and spend less time on others. For more information or to register for a private class, please fill out our Contact Form