Ah, the pleasures and benefits of collaboration and mutual respect!

Doulas and nurses should be the best of friends (IMO), but that’s not always the case. 

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Tools of the Trade: Placenta Encapsulation

There are lots of cool things about encapsulating placentas, not least of which is the wonderful effect the finished product can have with new moms! 

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How a Baby Is Born! (as performed by my 10-year-old)

My younger son was born at home and he loves to hear stories about it. My favorite one is that he came so quickly we weren't expecting it -- the midwife said in her sweet sing-song voice: "Look down, there's your baby!" And my husband and I both looked down and saw him for the first time. We were so surprised and delighted that we both laughed out loud. What a wonderful way to spend your first seconds on earth!

Here is his interpretation of how it all went down:


What are your favorite birth story memories?