The Strength of Women. The Kindness of Women

So, I’ve been feeling intensely the need to be with other women and soak up their energy (living with a man and two teenage sons can do that to you. I love men but honestly lately it feels like a lot). When the opportunity came to join some fellow birth workers and pregnant ladies for a viewing of These Are My Hours, I knew this was a great chance to do just that!

I’ve been thinking a lot about how kind and thoughtful women can be, and was pleasantly surprised with a beautiful example of just that. My friend, Seong (fellow doula, aspiring midwife, mother of five) brought this movie to Chicago after seeing it at a conference and wanting to share it with others. She looked cute as could be, toting around her youngest, and then pointed out that she was wearing a scarf I had knitted a couple years ago and donated for an auction to benefit birthy things. She bought it and wore it today, knowing she would see me. With all the other things going on in her life and today in particular, to be remembered in this way felt so special.

Rodrigo Duque, co-owner of the Healing Arts Metaphysical Center where we gathered is also a shaman and he blessed us and the room before the movie started. He made a few remarks about being with his wife when she gave birth, and stated simply that women are strong — so strong in fact that men have been working hard to keep them “in their place” since the very beginning because they fear women’s strength. I totally believe that, too.

The movie itself was moving, intense, and beautifully shot. Emily, the mother in the film, was attended by her husband, her mother, and a midwife, but made it clear that she would ask for anything she needed but otherwise wanted to be left alone. Seeing a virtually unassisted birth play out on screen was quite something, even for those of us who had been to many births. I recommend it to anyone interested in birth and especially home birth.

And I noticed while speaking to friends and new acquaintances after the viewing — it’s clear that everyone is feeling agitated right now. There is so much toxicity and negativity in the air that it’s impossible to escape for long. So, take a lesson from the women in your life. Be kind. And be strong.


Seong Kitsos and me, birthing it up