Postpartum Doula Care

Congratulations on your new baby (or babies)! You’ll want to spend time getting to know your newest family member — but you also need to take care of yourself while coping with challenges like sleep deprivation, household tasks that never end, and the demands of an adorable and very needy newborn.

In days gone by (and in traditional societies all over the world), new mothers are expected to do nothing for the first 40 days after childbirth except rest and spend time with their new baby, while female family members and neighbors take care of everything else that needs doing. The postpartum doula now fills this role, providing much-needed TLC to the new mother in addition to other tasks like:

  • Helping to care for the baby — feeding, diapering, helping everyone to get rest!

  • Teaching family members how to soothe a baby and any other baby care lessons that are needed

  • Providing care and attention to siblings

  • Answering questions about baby stuff with the latest in evidence-based research

  • Helping out around the house with light housework, meal preparation, laundry, and errands

Your postpartum doula is warm and kind, experienced, helpful, and provides unbiased support when you need it most!  


Rates for postpartum doula care are $35/hour for daytime with a four-hour minimum.

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