When Baby Makes Four (or Five, or Six….)

Photo Credit: This Is Family, www.thisisfamilyphoto.com

Photo Credit: This Is Family, www.thisisfamilyphoto.com

Adding a new baby to a family that already has children in it brings up many questions. Should the older children attend the birth? If so, who is responsible for them if the whole thing gets to be too much for them (or for mom)? And if not, who is going to drop everything on a moment’s notice to watch them?

Enter the Sibling Doula! Not everyone has trusted family members living nearby or a babysitter who is willing to be “on call” for baby’s birthday. The sibling doula is available to care for older brothers and sisters while their parents are busy having a baby. 

Whether planning for a home or hospital birth, and for children to be present or not, it’s imperative that someone be solely responsible for the older siblings. The sibling doula comes to your house to watch the children where they are most comfortable, or can accompany the family to the birth place, ready to whisk away any little ones who find they are not completely on board with all of the exciting activity of labor and delivery. She is also an experienced labor and postpartum doula and provides a calm and confident presence for all.

For the rate of $900, the sibling doula provides:

  • A two-hour “get-to-know-you visit” prior to the birth when she spends time with your children so as to become a familiar face. Parents can stay home for this visit or take this time to get some last-minute errands run.

  • On-call availability starting at 38 weeks of pregnancy.

  • Up to 24 hours of continuous care on baby’s birthday. Any additional hours are billed at the regular postpartum rate of $30/hour.

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Photo by  Alvan Nee  on  Unsplash

Photo by Alvan Nee on Unsplash